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    The blessed Zhanggong Cave is located in the Mengfeng Mountain, southwest of Yixing. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Gengsang Chu, pro-disciple of Lao Tze, was reluctant to be an official, while he devoted himself to monastic seclusion in a cave and became immortal. He wrote Cave Spirit Scriptures with 9 chapters, as a result, the cave was named after him and became one of 72 blessed places of Taoism.

    In Han Dynasty, Zhang Daoling was born in Yixing and devoted himself to monastic seclusion in Dongling Taoist Temple when he was young. He initially founded "Wu Dou Mi Dao" ,as know as "Tianshi Dao", and was titled by his followers as Zhang Tianshi.

    As early as in Tang Dynasty, Elder Zhang Guo pursued a monastic life in the Dongling Taoist Temple. He ate the Millennium Polygonum Multiflorum by chance and became immortal.

    Because Zhang Daoling and Elder Zhang Guo both pursued a monastic life in the cave, it was named Zhanggong Cave ever since. During thousands of years, there were lots of ordinary people, men of letters, government officials and even the Emperor of China that came to Zhanggong Cave to show their respects to the ancient and enjoy the fantastic view.

    1919, Chu Nanqinang, pioneer of tourism in Yixing, started to renew and decorate the Zhanggong Cave. November 11 , 1934, Zhanggong Cave was open to the public.

    Nowadays, the new Zhanggong Cave Scenic Zone was re-open to the public with delicate up-to-date changes. The mysteries of the Blessed Water for Lovers, the adventure of the 500 meters Underground River, the excitement of 1500 meters Whitewater Floating, the charm of the Water Curtain Movie, the fun of DIY in Ceramic Work Shop and the experience of the profound Taoism atmosphere will show the tourists a brand new idea of the cave tour.

    There is a routine everyday that you can get the Blessed Water from the mouths of six golden dragons in our musical fountain. The Bless Water is a good wish for lovers to live happily together forever, for businessman to earn a lot of money and for everybody to have wonderful family.

    The 500 meters Underground River Adventure in the cave is one of our special activities. Rowing a raft by yourself as well as enjoying the varied and breathtaking stalactites can certainly assure you a unforgettable experience.

    Relying on the natural mountain and stream, the originally designed 1500-meter whitewater drafting is quite exciting. The tourists will experience a breathtaking and joyful journey in the valley.

    Another recommendation is the performance of "Taoism and Nature" and the water curtain movie. The performance will exhibit the culture of Yixing and the Taoism with the effects of fountain, water curtain and laser.

    The wounder of old Zhanggong Cave with countless small caves inside a big cave was praised by people all the time,and the Dongling Taoist Temple carried forward the history of the Taoist Culture and Chinese splendid culture.

    The cave, the ceramic workshop, the "Yangxian Tea Culture Garden" nearby, as well as the Bamboo Scenic Zone together will give you the whole picture of the four characteristics of Yixing, which are the pottery, the cave, the bamboo and the tea.

    With different kinds of culture heritage and special farm houses, we welcome you warmly to the blessed Zhanggong Scenic Zone.